CFW Collection Specialists


Welcome to our company

CFW CREDIT & COLLECTION BUREAU, INC. founded in 1968 is a full service, third party Collection Company dedicated to providing quality service and performance. Our continued success rests on our ability to offer clients comprehensive services designed to meet specific account recovery goals. CFW has been providing account recovery services to a diversified client base for 42 years. Our strength lies in the ability to identify those markets requiring customized collection services and support. However, what sets CFW apart from other collection agencies is our commitment to develop a thorough understanding of each client’s business focus. CFW firmly believes that excellence in collection performance can only be achieved by establishing a clear understanding of a client’s objectives.

At CFW, we know the importance of maintaining a positive public image for our clients. Our recovery program is designed to do just that. Our experience combined with expanding capabilities, perfectly positions us to serve as partner in effecting a cost effective and results-driven collection operation.

CFW’s mission is to provide our clients in both the local and national marketplaces with the service, responsiveness and results that will place us at the forefront of the collection industry. In pursuing this goal, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and employees. With our clients: by providing excellent results through professional and imaginative service, and with our employees: by providing a challenging and rewarding work environment in which to build their careers. Consistent with this mission, we will conduct ourselves in an ethical and honest manner at all times. It is our conviction that our successful pursuit of these goals will culminate in significantly above average returns to our shareholders and ensure our continuing vitality and success.

In conclusion, we feel that CFW has the knowledge and experience, in our 42 years of service in the collection industry, to manage YOUR accounts. Together, through team effort, we can return to you, above average recovery.